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Our law firm is not your typical law firm because we are not typical attorneys; many of us chose the legal profession as a second, or in some cases third, career. At The Law Office of C.M. Brainard & Associates, our experience is different so our perspective is different too. Our firm understands the intrinsic structure of businesses and refers to real world knowledge to resolve your legal issues.

When approaching your case, we will analyze what must be done to answer both your legal and business problems. When working on business transactions, our attorneys will actively look for details that you may have missed. Legal documents are never incomplete, protecting your business against the liabilities a loophole may open.


At C.M. Brainard & Associates, our attorneys clearly outline the structure of your case and walk you through your entire transaction from start to finish.Our law firm is committed to achieving positive results.






Our office provides first class representation in all manners of litigation including complex intellectual property, real estate, business, acquisitions, employment, collections and more. Whether you are a multinational corporation or just an individual who has been wronged, we pride ourselves on providing aggressive, pragmatic, and effectual representation in court. On these types of matters we usually charge an hourly fee or work on a contingency (we make a percentage of the recovery). Contact us to schedule a free consultation and learn what your rights and options are.






Our business model focuses on showing value added that exceeds our legal fees - i.e., bottom line, every time, is our General Counsel clients profit from our involvement. Companies call upon our office to provide service as "General Counsel" to address virtually every aspect of their business in today's dynamic and technologically fast moving market place.

Typically, our office will receive a predetermined non-refundable monthly retainer and thereafter handle all legal matters which inevitably arise with first class representation and stand-by litigation, transactional support, and management consulting, so you have it when you need it. Whether you need to quickly respond to a cease and desist letter or send one out, respond to a summons and complaint or file a collections suit, design exclusive manufacturing agreement with a supplier in China or a rock solid enforceable regional distribution agreements with a sub-distributors in France and Egypt, we are ready and knowing all to well that precision and speed is of the essence. Further, we pride ourselves in assisting your business in developing strategies to protect your market share, intellectual property, and distribution and supplies lines.

Much more than just legal counsel, we will look to advance your business' interests and market share and control, through insightful suggested technology integration and common sense application of good business ethics and values forged with aggressive and correct management of competitors and affiliates. Companies use our services to increase their revenue and market share while keeping their information proprietary through the use of properly structured contracts, proper government registrations, and strategic litigation. Non-disclosure agreements and anti-counterfeiting strategies are just the beginning and we invite you to allow us to confidentially review your company's business model and suggest where value might be added.

“I admit I was very envious each year when colleagues werenamed to The Best Lawyers in Virginia. I am thrilled to now have this singular honor among the rest.”



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